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External monitor turning on and off while connected via HDMI to a Dell Inspiron 7580

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In the last month, I've been having a problem in which my external monitor (Dell P2421D) keeps turning on and off by itself while connected via HDMI to my Dell Inspiron 7580, which uses Intel UHD Graphics 620. Sometimes the monitor works fine for 2-3 minutes, but then it becomes blank for 30 seconds or so. It's very annoying because the issue is random and the blinking is intermittent, making it impossible to work with the external monitor.

Before this problem started, I was able to use the monitor flawlessly for several months with the same setup (laptop, monitor and HDMI cable). I have the impression that the problem was caused by a software update in Windows 10. But I've already tried a lot of things and none of them helped:

  • I've tried replacing the HDMI cable with a new one.
  • I've tried formatting the laptop and performing a fresh Windows 10 installation with Dell Recovery Tools.
  • I've tried updating all my drivers to the latest version using Windows Update and Dell Update. This includes Intel UHD Graphics 620 and the latest BIOS firmware (1.15.0).
  • I've tried downgrading my BIOS to several older versions (1.140, 1.13.0, 1.10.0).
  • I've tried upgrading my laptop to Windows 11.
  • I've tried installing the drivers from Intel's website using Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

Right now, the driver version I'm using for Intel UHD Graphics 620 is

Although it would seem I have a hardware issue, I believe this is not the case because the same setup works fine when I use Ubuntu Linux (I have dual-boot in my laptop). The monitor also works fine when I use another laptop and the same HDMI cable.

When the external monitor is blank and I open Display Settings in Windows 10, the external monitor remains visible and detected. In other words, it appears that Windows is not aware that the monitor is turning on and off.

Any ideas what else I could try?

Is there a way to check the graphics driver logs to obtain more information about the issue?

Thanks a lot

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Add also model of display, please. I'll make time for it.


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Thanks a lot, @Alx24.


The model of the external display is Dell P2421D.

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Text in if file. LCD matrix due to the physical features of the work of pixels unlike CRT has
a specific set of frequencies.


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Thanks a lot, @Alx24! That's a lot of information!


If I understood correctly, the values I have to use would be:

  • Timing Standard: CVT-RB
  • Width: 2560 pixels
  • Height: 1440 pixels
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Underscan Percentage: 0 (???) -> What value should I use?
  • Pixel Clock: 241.5MHz -> Field is disabled in Intel Graphics Command Center (calculated automatically)
  • Front Porch: 48 Horizontal / 3 Vertical (
  • Back Porch: 80 Horizontal / 33 Vertical (
  • Sync Width: 32 Horizontal / 5 Vertical (
  • Active Area: 2560 Horizontal / 1440 Vertical
  • Sync Polarity: + Horizonal / - Vertical
  • Scan Rate: ??? Horizontal / ??? Vertical -> What value should I use?
  • Total Frame Time: ??? Horizontal / ??? Vertical -> Field is disabled in Intel Graphics Command Center (calculated automatically)
  • Interlaced: Disabled


I tried a few combination of values, but Intel Graphics Command Center is still reporting that my value choices are invalid.

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There is simple "Basic" form with "Width", "Height", "Refresh Rate", "Timing Standard"

as in Windows API functions:

"ChangeDisplaySettingsA function (winuser.h)"

"ChangeDisplaySettingsW function (winuser.h)"

"ChangeDisplaySettingsExA function (winuser.h)"

"ChangeDisplaySettingsExW function (winuser.h)"

There is detailed option "Help" for "Basic" and "Advanced" parameters.

First option is "GTF".



I have the same problem. I have an Inspiron 7386 2-in-1.

The dual monitors worked flawlessly until about two months ago.

I have:

- updated the display adapter driver - no change

- tried the HDMI cable on multiple devices - cable works

- hooked up the monitor to another device via HDMI - works fine

- tried a brand new monitor - still see HDMI no signal

- hooked the laptop to my TV with the HDMI cable - works fine

- updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 - no change

- cycled power on monitor and laptop restarting in a different order - no change


I bought a USB to HDMI adapter and now all is working.


I know this is not a “fix”but at least I have a work around!