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Failed RAID 5 on ICH9R (p35 chipset)


Here's the problem in a nutshell:

I have a RAID 5 set up on an ICH9R controller (p35 chipset) that's showing up as failed. After a little bit of playing in linux with dmraid, I found that the first disk in the array seems to think it's part of another array. This likely happened when I took a hard drive off the controler that was not in the RAID and the controler automatically took that disk out of the array, and then "put it back" after the drive was added back to the controler. This is causing the RAID to fail in windows ater it attempts a rebuild, always marking one disk as failed.

So, is there anything I can do to recover even a little bit of the data on the drive?

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Looks like I answered my own question not long after my post...

The latest and greatest version of the intel matrix storage manager (8.8) seems to make it just work... I was going to try it last night but the intel download center was down for some reason.

Hopefully this will provide useful for someone in the future.

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