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Getting Display-warnings with driver

Hi, getting those Display-warnings with the latest driver

Installed through device manager with restart of laptop.

Screen randomly starts to stutter and freezes for some seconds.

Happens with drivers 4901, 4877 and 4849.

Only 4821 seems to be stable. Getting a bit frustrated with three recent drivers that doesn't seem stable.

No QC on release?

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Community Manager

Hello p83,



I understand you are having some warnings on your screen with the latest Intel® Graphics version installed on your computer. I will be more than glad to assist you regarding this issue.



Allow me to share with you that the Intel® Graphics drivers that you are installing on your laptop are generic drivers provided by Intel so my recommendation will be to get in touch with the manufacturer of your laptop and verify which is the latest version of the graphic drivers they have available for your unit.


Please accept my apologies for any type of inconvenience.



Antony S.


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