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I am a student currently working on developing a VGA bare-metal driver and I am encountering some issues. I am hoping to receive your assistance with this matter. Specifically, I am working with a host machine that uses an Intel CPU i7 12700, and I am looking to develop a driver for the integrated graphics processor (AlderLake-S GT1) to control the device's display modes, such as resolution and multi-screen display. I have researched and discovered that this display controller device is mounted on the PCIe bus and is known as UHD Graphics, integrated within the CPU. I have referred to several Intel documents, including "Intel Processor Graphics: Architecture and programming", "Developer's Guide for Intel Processor Graphic", and "Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual", but I have not been able to find substantial information to help me with my development. Therefore, I am reaching out to you for some guidance and advice on controlling the output modes of the integrated graphics processor. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello @grit

Thanks for the information provided.

We understand that your are looking for a working session with a technician. However, since you are currently converting to the devices to your newer software. We would recommend you create an account to submit your inquiry in our Intel®️ Developer Zone, as the document you refer to comes from this website. So, you receive further troubleshooting support and get access to documentation. 

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