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HD 4400 and UHD 620 can't display on tv or monitor



I have two laptop with the same issue:

a Lenovo x240 with intel i5 4300u and HD 4400, and a Asus Vivobook S15 with Intel i7 8550U and UHD 620 + nvidia mx150.

Both laptop have windows 1903, and both can't output to monitor or TV, no signal, no sound, nothing...I know that both hdmi ports works because they work on on a Samung Led monitor, and nothing else. I try 5 different tv and 2 monitor and dozen of cables.

I try to install both asus driver and intel generic...nothing change... for lenovo there is plus: on the manufacturer website I can't find intel hd video driver for windows 10, so I try to install windows 8 but I can't install them for incompatibility maybe?
So on lenovo, I install the generic driver that for 4th gen are the 15.xx, and now the strange part, whatever version I install, on driver version in intel HD graphic panel, I get that the version is 20.xx

I can give you any info you want...I really don't know what to do, I just think is a driver issue...can someone help me?
For the Asus Vivobook I'm really upset, is a 600€ laptop with a not working hdmin.,....
thank you in advance

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