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HD 4600 won't load into Windows 7 / Problem Identified / Solution Needed


I have a new build

EVGA z87 Classified with i5 4690K CPU + (previous system Windows 7 G4 bit OS up and running by using the Windows disk startup repair and dedicated GPU)

However, my issue is as follows:

  1. My system will not boot into Windows 7 when I try using the IGP HD 4600 (It just keeps cycling BIOS/Black Screen/BIOS repeat) on a previous system Windows 7 OS installation
  2. Also will not boot into Windows 7 when having the primary graphics card as a dedicated and the IGP enabled in BIOS
  3. My system will boot fine when using a dedicated GPU and setting the BIOS setting for the IGP as Disabled or AUTO

Once in Windows 7 using my dedicated GPU:

  1. Device manager will not show the HD 4600 (Because it has been disabled in the BIOS)
  2. I cannot install the HD 4600 drivers (neither the zip or exe) into the OS for the HD 4600 as I get the following error ("This computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing the software, presumably because it is not showing up in the device manager, because it was disabled in the BIOS)

I believe my problem is a Windows 7 start up driver problem.

  1. If I do a fresh install which I did on a spare drive to make certain I didn't have a bad mobo or CPU I can load into windows perfectly with dual screens and no dedicated GPU installed just the HD4600 running solid. However, I am trying to avoid a fresh installation of Windows 7
  2. I have tried using Total Uninstall and uninstalling all my graphics drivers, disabling the GPU in the device manager, then shutting down and removing the dedicated GPU and plugging just one monitor into the MOBO/HD4600 and I can get to BIOS on the HD 4600 but it will not load to windows, just the endless BIOS / Blackscreen repeat
  3. Also, tried the System Repair feature on the Windows 7 Disk when using the HD 4600 and it doesn't work either, The "System Repair" feature just goes through the motions then back to BIOS/Black Screen/BIOS repeat
  4. Also, tried the System Repair on the Windows 7 Disk"load drivers" feature but when I try to load the HD 4600 drivers on the Windows 7 which I am able to get to through the windows disk I get the following error "the subsystem needed to support the image type is not present." So I can't load the Intel HD 4600 drivers into windows 7 even when getting there through the Installation Disk Repair feature.on the HD 4600

Therefore, my issue of not being able to load into Windows 7 with the HD 4600 comes from Windows 7 not having the right drivers installed for the startup

So My questions are as follows

  1. Is there a way to install the generic display drivers that Windows 7 uses on a fresh installation into a currently functioning Windows 7?
  2. Is there a way to force install HD 4600 drivers into Windows 7 either through a boot disk or in the OS bypassing the Errors of: "the subsystem needed to support the image type is not present" or "This computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing the software", respectively?

Thank you

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You may try forcing the installation of Intel generic drivers by performing manual procedure, see here for instructions: Graphics Drivers — Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected

Select your operating system version and download the zip version of the video driver: Intel® Download Center