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Halo MCC serious issues after upgrading from non DCH to DCH Intel UHD 630 drivers


As described in the subject line, Halo MCC is facing serious issues after upgrading from non DCH to DCH drivers on Win 10.


iGPU model : Intel UHD 630

Processor : Intel Core i5-10400

Win 10 : fully updated.

Halo MCC : updated.

Previous non DCH driver version :

Using this driver, any game in Halo MCC is playing perfectly, no stuttering, no lags, no framerate capping, etc. Playing perfectly, enjoyable, Halo Reach runs at 25fps avg at Original settings. Halo4 at 23fps avg. So, in short no problems with this driver.


Current DCH driver installed :

Right from the main menu, everything is capped at 1fps by default. Completely unplayable.


No other thing changed, only Intel driver updated. The previous DCH driver(don't remember the driver version, but it was definitely a DCH driver) before this also had the exact same issue. I thought Intel would notice it on their own and rectify it, but here we are again, same issue with the newest driver.


Can anyone else confirm that if they are having the same issue? Without DCH drivers, I wont be able to run Win 11, but with DCH drivers Halo MCC wont run, which is the only game i play.


Asus has not released any driver on their website after April 2021 for my motherboard in case of non DCH drivers, and after October 2020 in case of DCH drivers. So, the Asus product support page is hopeless.


Check out the screenshot that I have attached. The GPU is not being utilized beyond 10%.

Can anyone from Intel look into this and solve this once in for all?

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