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Has anyone had radeon rx vega m graphics driver update fail?


Just got my hades canyon with radeon rx vega m gh graphics. Tried to update the driver from 23.20.792.2048 to 25.20.15002.58(via Intel Driver and support assistant) and it fails. I also downloaded and tried to manually install GFX_Radeon_WIN10_18.12.2 (Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition) and they both do the same thing - the files get installed and then a window starts to open (I'm assuming to perform the update), then closes and the driver doesn't get updated. I've disabled windows defender, same thing. I can't tell what that install window is; it is a rectangular clear-ish window that barely starts to open, then closes.

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Hello HJohn8


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·        What is the Windows build installed on the system?

·        Have you tried uninstalling the current graphics driver on the system and installing the new version?


·        Please attach to this thread the TXT file the Intel® System Support Utility will generate:

·        Steps to save the report:

1-   Run the utility.

2-   Click on “Scan” to get the scanned system.

3-   Once the scan is complete click on “next”.

4-   Use the “save” option, save the report to your desktop.

5-   To attach a file, you must click the “Attach” option on the bottom left-hand corner of the response box.



Hope this helps.



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