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Hello, I'm new to this here so i want to apologize if i'm posting in wrong section of the forum.


Almost year ago i've done a whitelist to my bios on laptop Lenovo G710, at the begining i've notice some problem while booting, the machine starts and the logo of Lenovo shows but after 4-5 seconds. Now i've realise that Intel ME is broken. In BIOS is showing Intel ME Version / SKU : UnKnown. Since i've done this Whitelist i can't inject intel graphics in OSX, so decide to switch back to Windows.

But now when i know where from the problem comes i really want to fix it. Is there have any way to check if IME is hard bricked or can be fixed by re-flashing BIOS firmware? I have SPI Programmer and Clips if is needed, also a back up from my original BIOS before the whitelist.


P.S.: 3 months ago i've bricked my bios while changing some viode settings in and i switch back to the original one, but the problem with booting the machine was still there. I didn't check if IME is working because didn't know about this problem back then, after that whitelist it again.


MEAnalyzer info:

-------[ ME Util by Igor Skochinsky ]-------

Licensed under zlib


Error, could not access the Intel Engine driver!


Make sure you are running ME Analyzer as Administrator!


Make sure you are using an Intel Engine compatible system!


Make sure you have an Intel Engine driver installed first!


Intel Management Engine is completely missing from device manager.



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You must contact Lenovo for support of their bios and their laptop. You should also use the drivers and downloads from their site for their laptop.




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In almost every case that I have looked at over the years, the reason for ME hangs has been corrupted firmware. This comes as a result of either a bad BIOS update or corruption attributable to insecure flash access. Regardless, this is a problem that falls squarely into Lenovo's lap and they will need to either fix it or replace your laptop.


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