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How to set some settings on Graphic Card without Intel Graphics Commander Center


Hi i like to know how to make some settings without the Graphics commander Center.

Background , I do not have the Graphics commander center :

  1. Because Microsoft App Store is blocked in the companies policies
  2. I like to clone the PC with Image software and i always receive error message from the Graphics command Center when the Image is running on new Hardware, but it is always the equal NUC.

Mostly i need setting for:

  1. Video > Film Mode Detection= off
  2. Video > Skin Tone Enhancement = off
  3. Video > Contrast Enhancement = off
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Good question! Did no one think about the enterprise environment before making this decision?

Is there a way to download (from Intel, not Microsoft) and manually install the Command Center?


Added bonus question for intel: In light of Microsoft's decision to start forcing updates, should this make a difference in your enterprise-level management?




Hello all,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


Regarding your inquiries, we would like to share the following details:


1- Setting and changing settings on an Intel® Graphics Card without Intel® Graphics Commander Center (Intel® GCC):

Some settings may be changed via Windows Registry or custom .inf installer. However, for assistance regarding how to perform this, users/IT teams need to contact their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and work directly with them.


2- Manually download of the Intel® Graphics Command Center from Intel® (not Microsoft):

Intel® GCC cannot be downloaded from Intel® ( ). In this case, we recommend contacting the OEM as they may have access to a Legacy driver (i.e. has Intel® GCC bundled). Alternately you can check this article as you may want to explore the Device Update Center offered by Microsoft* and work with them on it.


3- In light of Microsoft's decision to start forcing updates, should this make a difference in the enterprise-level management?

It is worth mentioning that this decision is driven by Microsoft* and their UWP platform. We recommend forwarding this concern with Microsoft*




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