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I have a Dell Latitude 5490 with a Intel HD Graphics 620 card. I'm trying to run 3 monitors via my Dell Dock WD15. Two monitors work fine. On one I'm not able to change resolution.

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Hello KMene, Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities. I would like to begin by mentioning that Intel does not recommend the use of any kind of adapters/docks. This is because we cannot test all of them, so we cannot guarantee that these are going to work. The best solution is doing a direct connection with a single cable that has the same connection type in both end, if you are unable to use a straight connection, a possible solution is updating the graphics driver to the latest version. You can contact your system manufacturer to see if there is a graphics driver update available for your system model. As an additional workaround, you can install all Windows updates and update the BIOS with the assistance of your computer manufacturer. In some cases, this issue could be fixed by installing the latest generic graphics driver released by Intel. You will need to keep in mind that Intel only releases generic drivers, so we cannot guarantee that our latest driver will work as expected, and it is very possible that it will remove features added only to the driver developed by your system manufacturer. For the latest generic driver please refer to the link below: *NOTE* Make sure to read the description of the driver linked above before proceeding with the installation in case you want to install the generic driver. If none of these workarounds fixes the issue, it is very likely that the dock is not supported by the controller. In that case, you contact the adapter manufacturer to look for possible workarounds. Regards, David V Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation