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I would like to force a 5.1 HDMI sound output because I have an audio splitter between my laptop and TV.


My TV can only play back stereo, so my laptop does not recognize it as a 5.1 device. There are similar posts in other forums, but they did not help me. Like for example here:


I tried to change the EDID on my computer, but the laptop either did not recognize the HDMI as audio output or it was unchanged.


Mein Setup is as follows:

Acer Swift 3 (Intel Graphics 520) - via HDMI -> audio splitter - HDMI and Toslink -> TV (HDMI) and Receiver (Toslink)


I spent the whole day trying to find a solution and I hope you can help me.

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This issue has come up before and I never saw a satisfactory solution for the issues with this configuration. The right answer is to use the technology properly: PC -> Receiver -> TV. That issue on the NVIDIA site is the result of non-spec-compliant receiver and/or TV. I get rid of non-spec-compliant receivers and TVs.


Sorry I didn't have a better answer. Reality bites,




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