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Integrated Graphics Missing!


My laptop had integrated graphics when I originally purchased it and had it on my system until a few weeks ago where I had to do a complete and fresh install of Windows 11 from a boot drive because of what was likely a corrupted update. I've tried a number of things to try and get the integrated graphics back but so far no luck.

The integrated graphics isn't in the device manager (and task manager) or the bios for the system. I've tried using the driver and support assistant but haven't had any luck and I've tried manually re-installing the driver for the graphics but no luck there either. ("No driver was found that can be installed on the current device" - exit code 8).

The system runs fine as it has a discrete GPU and is currently running without nvidia optimus but is there any way of getting the integrated graphics back on my system?

mid 2021 Razer Blade 15 Advanced

i7 - 11800H

16gb ram

3070 gpu

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In desktop systems, the BIOS default is for the iGFX engine to be disabled if a dGFX solution is detected. You need to go into BIOS setup and configure the BIOS to leave the iGFX enabled in this case.

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