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Integrated graphics only or integrated + dedicated


Consider the following setup:

  1. A machine with a processor (plus integrated graphics) and
  2. another machine with the same processor and integrated graphics but aditionally a dedicated graphics card which is worse than the inegrated one.

My question is now if its better to get the machine with the additional dedicated GPU or not?

I'm aware that the integrated graphics will use my RAM.

  • Will the inegrated graphics "function" of the CPU and the CPU share some bandwidth with each other or are they independent?
  • Will somehow the graphics functin of the CPU interfere with the "CPU function", meaning will I get a performance loss due to heavy GPU and CPU load at the same time even tho I have enough RAM (16GB) for the tasks I want to perform?
  • Will I get a benefit from the additional dedicated GPU? I cannot obviously use the integrated GPU and the dedicated one at once for photo editing for example and since the integrated is better I dont see the sense of the dedicated in it or am I thinking wrong?
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My opinion? If the add-in card does not

  1. Outperform the embedded graphics engine.
  2. Offer capabilities not available via the embedded graphics engine (for example, support the connection of additional monitors).
  3. Is not being used for other purposes (for example, not being used as a compute engine).

Then there is no benefit to it being there and I would not have it installed at all.

Again, just my opinion,


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