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Intel 3000 can run modern games like fornight at 200fps, nobody wants to put the work in to develop


Hater post but I have been reading countless patent applications related to semiconductors and old intel 3000 for a few months off & on , and while I am no expert nor can I reproduce anything I want to know , how the intel 3000, which has 624 Million Transistor's CAN'T run modern games like Fornight, Call of duty Black ops 2, League of Legends etc. I think the blame doesn't go on the Graphics itselfs, but the games who make it in high-level languages and tons of unnecessary features that could alternatively be done in another way. Does Fornight really need 600 million transistor's to run on low level resource systems like ubuntu? Nah. I'm willing to believe that there's already pre-existing packages out there on Github that can run the system efficiently as low as 1 million transistors on alternative modifications of Fornight, heck that leaves more than 599 transistor's left minus 10 million for ubuntu ish . I know there's games that can run sololy on powerful cpus like i7 2860qm and not use GPU at all, but why couldn't we run on the GPU with transistor's of half a billion? Do we need more power per transistors? Overclocking? 

Rant, I really am just being a hypocrite but just wanted to start a discussion, I have no interest in playing modern games, just a minecraft player who runs fine on intel 3000 with optifine on lowest settings on a low powered linux distro like linux mint and ubuntu although agruable can go even lower with arch .

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What is the point to all of your posts on HD3000, and your silly attempt at transistor counts?


It is a dead product, and time for users like you to move on. 


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]


Hater post. Intel 3000 is still good , I own several Laptops all with the HP Intel 3000 Graphics and had configured a lot of my software / changed with alternatives for the past 5 years. Intel the corporation wants people to move on because they can no longer make money off it and since production has stopped and / or possible legal issues due to statistical risk analysis for patent infringement / trolls they have to diversify their technology to keep ahead of the game (not legal advice just basic understanding of beliefs). The Linux Community is based off of 'dead products' of lots of intel programs plus it's more secure and less incentive by profit and more for performance.  You wouldn't understand what the Intel HD graphics means to me because you don't directly benefit from the advancement of it, but I do and so do others who may not even know it. You never know, someone out there could save the whole world based on simple support for the intel 3000.

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So, any post that does not agree with you is a "hater" post?

Hd3000 is NOT still good.  Argue all you want.  You can use "legal" and "troll" as much as you want, and it will not change things.


Good luck with your flawed crusade.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]


My Kudo upvote should change your mind about the Intel3000.


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