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Intel 620 HD igc64.dll crash


Hello, I am a developer for an open-source volunteer ran project called Thrive. Recently, after we switched over to a new graphics engine called BSFramework, we have been receiving an abundance of crashes all with very similar reports. I myself have been experiencing this crash. 

After testing, we've located the main problem for these crashes to be Intel's graphics driver, more specifically the Intel 600 HD series. 

All the reports have slightly different specifications so I will the specifications of my own computer as an example. 

I'm currently using an Acer Aspire e15 running windows 10, without an external graphics card. The integrated graphics driver spits out the error popup "bsframework fatal error!" when attempting to debug or run the game. It then proceeds to close the window a few seconds after closing the pop up. Looking in the bug report there seems to be a good amount of messages pointing towards problems encountered by igc64.dll and the GPU.

And we are completely sure that the error is with the Intel graphics driver and more specifically the 600 series. Players with external GPUs all run the game fine. I have also tested the game out on a computer with an integrated GPU of an older family (Intel HD 4400) and the game runs fine, to really pin down the issue, I have also tried temporarily disabling the Intel graphics driver and forcing my computer to use microsoft's basic display driver, which can miraculously start the game (albeit with the refresh rate of a snail) without experiencing the crash previously described. 

Because of these tests, we are completely sure that the hardware is compatible with the game, and that there is something specific to the Intel 600 graphics drivers that does not work well with BSFramework. 


To assist in reproducing the issue, I will provide links to everything I mentioned in this post below:


Latest Development Build of Thrive:


Report thread that I posted on BSFramework's Forums: 


But really all that is needed to reproduce this issue is a copy of the game provided above and a computer with an Intel Integrated GPU in the 600 family.

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