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Intel Graphic Driver Issue DCH


I have attempted install twice with the same problem (roughly 1 week apart), resulting in subsequent rollback of graphics driver.

Upon successful installation and subsequent restart, graphics capabilities are severely diminished and result in significant lag when using the IGPU for anything greater than simple tasks.

Browser usage is significantly affected by lag.

Loading a YouTube video will result in severe lag and the playback will be choppy.

Loading a game will have varying degree of lag vs previous graphic driver version New driver results in less than 10 FPS in a relatively light GTA V whereas the older driver will at least run at 20+ FPS. Results were normalized roughly 5 mins after initial load into actual gameplay (disregarding splash/loading screen).


Reverting to version immediately fixes the above issues. The previous YouTube video immediately resumes with smooth playback so the driver is definitely the issue.


Additional notes:

Acer laptop (Aspire E5-575) no longer receives manufacturer updates and subsequent graphics driver updates have been done with the Intel Driver Support Assistant.

Firmware v1.47

Processor i5-7200U

Windows 21H1, Build 19043.1110

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