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Intel Graphics Driver causing Blue Screen (BSOD)

Today while I was playing Skyrim my game froze and then it blue screened (computer crashed). I went to the action center and then it told me that this problem was fixed in a certain update then it gave me a link. I clicked the link and then a download started which was the graphics driver. I tried to double click it then nothing happened. I tried to right click it and then click open and ounce again nothing happened. Finally I right clicked it and opened it as administrator and it said: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software." I'm not sure why this problem is occurring since the windows action center told me to do it this way. Anyways here are the pictures of whats happening.

The action center window:

The icon for the driver:

The error message


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Hello Suitedtrooper, this behavior on your system could be caused because provided generic drivers; therefore sometimes these cannot be installed on OEM systems or the installation of them could overwrite OEMs customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics. I would recommend using ASUS graphics drivers.


If you are still want to install our drivers, you may try forcing the installation by performing manual procedure, however I cannot assure you they are going to work as expected.

See here for instructions: Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected

The following URL will give you some steps you can follow in order to solve the error you are getting "System does not meet minimum requirements" Graphics Drivers — Error messages seen when installing Intel® Graphics Drivers

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