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Intel HD 620 and windows 10 HDMI output

I am having a similar issue to .

I have an HP envy 16t laptop and have been using it with the HDMI output to a Samsung TV. When I updated the driver, it no longer would display on the TV. The earliest driver I could get to work was the one from March 2017. I haven't tried to force the driver from the intel site, but the latest one from the HP site doesn't work. Any solution?

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Geoffstern: Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Graphics communities. We are sorry to hear the laptop is not working properly.



For this type of scenario we always recommend to install the graphics drivers provided by HP. If the problem remains with their driver, then what we suggest is to get in contact directly with them, because that driver was customized specifically to work with your platform so they might have further suggestions on this matter. I looked for the model of your laptop on HP's web site but it was not showing:



Since the laptop is working with Intel® HD Graphics 620, there is a new driver in our web site for that graphics controller, it is version 4877:



Another option will be to install the graphics driver version that works properly and then disable the Windows automatic drivers updates, on the link below you will find some instructions on how to do that, otherwise you can always get in contact with Microsoft directly to get that information:



Please get in contact with HP directly if the problem persists after trying the steps above:



Any further questions, please let me know.





Alberto R