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Intel HD Graphics 4000 with Windows 10 on Mac causing Black Screen



Yesterday I tried many times to have Windows 10 successfully running on my Mac but without success.

After the installation of the Display Adapter driver (Intel HD Graphics 4000), on boot the display turns black before the login and never come back.

I restarted on Safe Mode with Networking (that is the only mode that works) and removed the Display Adapter driver, after that restarted again and the OS starts successfully with Microsoft's Generic Driver. Downloaded the most updated version on Intel support website and in the middle of the installation, black screen again.

I found a lot of articles and posts, but no one with a solution to this problem, so I decided to create this thread.

My Configuration:

MacBook Air (mid-2012)

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Windows 10

Thanks in advance.


Luiz Otavio

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Hello luiz_oli,

I just wanted to let know you that Apple has requested that all questions regarding Apple systems and software be addressed directly with Apple support. I recommend checking the link below for troubleshooting assistance on your Apple computer: MacBook Air- Official Apple Support.



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Did you ever manage to resolve issue?

I have the same model as you MacBookAir mid 2012.

I had the same problem on Windows 7 and the only driver working was version 8...... from 2012, the newer ones with version 10 just give black screen. Not even having external monitor helps.

Now I am not able to find compatible driver for Windows 10 that wont give black screen.

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After spending 3 days and going through all Apple support messages that dont really help, I've found driver that works.

For windows 7 I was using driver version 8, updating to latest driver 10... I get black screen.

Its the same issue installing BootCamp as you need all other drivers, if you enable internet the graphic driver is with black screen. 

Driver that works with Windows 10 and does not bring black screen is 26/09/2012, I did try another but it looks like this is from when black screen starts.

I actually got it from Dell web site as that whats google gives me and I couldnt find old drivers on Intel web site.

Hope this helps as I wasnt able to find one post on internet giving this information.

TIP: I've added bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 10 Safe Mode (Command Prompt)” and made it to boot to safe mode from msconfig with perm change. This gives me Windows and Windows 10 Safe Mode option when starting PC. I can alway go to Safe Mode and reset driver when testing if I get black screen.

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