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Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver [15.40]

I am using Windows 10 x64 Laptop. And using Intel Driver & Support Assistant, I updated my onboard Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver [15.40] to version Downloaded file is win64_15.40.41.5058.exe, dated Sep 18, 2018. So I'm sure I downloaded the right file.


However after installing, Intel Driver & Support Assistant keep displaying message "Update available". I tried re-downloaded and re-installed 3 times. Even the last time using a clean install (ie: I uninstall the driver and restart my laptop, before I re-installed again). And still IDSA keep displaying message "Update available", even though it still suggests the same version as the one currently installed.


On top of that. I also experience occassional crash while playing games. And yes I checked everything and I'm sure the Intel onboard Graphics caused the crashes, maybe because of a incompatibility wih the latest Windows 10 build 1809.


I also read the yellow message "Intel will be supplying Windows DCH Drivers for its products beginning in November" on the top of Intel Driver & Support Assistant website.


So all I want is to confirm if the 4600 driver is indeed still incompatible with current Windows 10 (since the dated latest driver is older than the Windows latest build), and whether Intel is still working on newer driver for it (the DCH Driver).


Thank you for your attention and support.

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Hello Chondro, Thank you for joining this Intel Community. When using a third-party boards/systems, we recommend uninstalling teh tool and refer to your system manufacturer for validated drivers and support. However, if you would like Intel improve this tool, please perform these steps and let us know if the issue persists: 1. Run the IDSA Uninstaller: Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Uninstaller 2. Restart and run the latest Intel® DSA tool version: Intel® Driver & Support Assistant 3. If the issue is not resolved, Please run the Intel® System Support Utility and attach the report to this thread. 1.Download the Intel® System Support Utility and save the application to your system. 2.Open the application and click Scan to see system and device information. The Intel® System Support Utility defaults to the Summary View on the output screen following the scan. Click the menu where it says summary to change to Detailed View. 3.To save your scan, click Next and click Save. You can save the file to any accessible location on your computer. I would like to add that Intel® HD Graphics 4600 is not supported by Windows* DCH drivers. In addition, we will do research about this driver version and Windows* 10 (1809) Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

Hello Chondro, If you have any further questions, we will be glad to help you. Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation