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Intel HD3000 Dual Monitor DVI and HDMI

Hi I've been having a problem with my dual monitor setup for some time. I have an Asustek Z68 board with Intel i7 CPU and I'm using the onboard card. I have two screens setup on my desk, the primary being connected with HDMI, the secondary with DVI.

EVERY time i restart the computer, only the DVI screen is working, during bootup etc both monitors are working. I have to reinstall the drivers (Intel to get the HDMI screen to display. This then becomes the primary screen, as i set it up this way in the Intel graphics software. Everything works fine after this, then i restart the PC/shutdown/PC goes into standby and I'm back to square one.

The drivers on bootup (with only one screen working) are the same version as I'm reinstalling manually.

Anybody got any ideas?! Thanks in advance

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Re: Intel HD3000 Dual Monitor DVI and HDMI

Hi there!

Intel drivers are generic and sometimes they do not work with OEM computers, your issue seems to be a driver problem.

Have you tried contacting Asus for customized drivers?

Did you change video cables?

Here is the link for Asus support:



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