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Intel HD4000 graphics card won't recognise Aten KVM console monitor.


I have an Aten CL1000 KVM slide out console with a 17" monitor connected to an Aviligilon Network Video recorder running windows embedded standard SP1 with an HD4000 Intel graphics card.

The monitor detects as a generic plug and play monitor and the keyboard and mouse work fine. The only problem is the monitor seems to disconnect and reconnect for a couple of seconds every few minutes. This can be seen in device manager as the monitor disappears and then shows again. The monitor doesn't go blank however an audible sound like the USB disconnecting happens at the same time.

When I have a second monitor connected as extended desktop (from the hdmi port on the PC) the primary monitor (KVM) dropping out causes the monitors to go blank for a few seconds and swap primary to secondary. Then it swaps back again when the Kim monitor is connected After a few seconds.

I Have upgraded the HD4000 driver and still no luck. I have also rolled the driver back to an older version (2012) and no luck.

could anyone help as this is an issue with a number of these at differnt sites. The base build is Aten KVM console to a single pc which has HDMI and VGA only. The KVM is connected to the PC using Aten usb kvm lead shown in the attached link.™-LCD-Console~CL1000.html# .VZjF7oHXerU Slideaway™ LCD Console - CL1000, ATEN LCD KVM Switches

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The drivers that are publicly available at Intel® Download Center support several operating systems; however, the best way to get support for Windows* Embedded is through the Intel® Embedded Design Center.