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Intel HD4600 10-bit support


Hi everyone,

I have a sager NP8652 laptop with i7-4720HQ ,   2 DP + 1 HDMI.

I just bough a 2K (2560x1440) external display that support 10-bit color. I know HD4600 is limited to 4k-60Hz 8-bit color on DisplayPort  but I assume that for 2K it could support 10-bit.  Windows10 doesn't let me access the  Windows HD Colour settings.


My question is :  regarding  mobile HD4600 

1/  is there any support for 10-bit color ?

2/ if 4K can work at 60Hz with DP, can it do  2K at 120Hz ? 

Thank you !



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Community Manager

Hello SteveMadn,

Thank you for posting your question on this Intel® Community.

To better assist you, please connect the external monitor to the computer and provide us with the following reports:

DxDiag* report

  1. Go to Start > Run or Windows Key + R.
  2. On the Run prompt, type "dxdiag" then click OK.
  3. On the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click on Save All Information.
  4. Browse to a folder, type in a filename then click Save.

Graphics report

  1. Open the Intel® Graphics Control Panel.
  2. Click on "Options and Support".
  3. On the "Information Center" tab, click on "Save" and choose a location on your computer to save the report.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Dear Wanner G. 

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Please find enclosed the  DxDiag report and the Intel display  Information center info



Community Manager

Hello SteveMadn,

We reviewed the report, and we would like to have the following information about your system environment.

  • What is the model number of the monitor?
  • According to the report, one of the displays is inactive. Are you able to get the report with both displays active? Are you using the monitor in clone or extended mode?
  • Is the issue that one of the monitors is not working?
  • Are you connecting the monitor via HDMI* or DisplayPort*?

  • "2/ if 4K can work at 60Hz with DP, can it do 2K at 120Hz ? "

Is this a question you are having as a result of an issue you are currently experiencing?

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Dear Wanner G.

Yes indeed, it is a laptop (i7-4720HQ with Nvdia 980m), the internal eDP display is off and I use external display  that support 10-bit color 2k at 144hz and 4k at 60hz

I use "show on 2" not replicate.  The monitor model is chinese unknown brand HOC  H28P4K /N2800S that is specified HDR400 10-bit IPS HDMI-2.0 DP-1.4    4K/60hz  2K/144hz

At the time of my first message, I was using HDMI cable and was limited to 4K@30Hz. 

Now using display port (like report I sent previously) I found out that 2k@120  is possible (Fantastic!) , which answered my question about its support by i7-4720hq.  ( latest win10 update + latest intel drivers + Displayport Cable)

Now I am trying to figure out the 10-bit support.  

Windows 10, version 2004 (just updated) still doesn't allow me any options for 10-bit color, saying it is not supported.  Although The intel graphic setting menu says 32-bit colors

Windows HD colour settings for my monitor 2:

Stream HDR video NO


Use WCG apps NO


However in the DxDiag.txt report it says : 

Monitor Model: Monitor
Monitor Id: SGT2800
Output Type: Displayport External
Monitor Capabilities: HDR Supported (BT2020RGB BT2020YCC Eotf2084Supported )


Thank you for your support !   the 2k@120hz   is  supported by i7-4720HQ [ confirmed]  

HDR10 maybe not ? maybe need 620uhd  minimum ? 



Community Manager

Hello SteveMadn,

Thank you for your response.

The processor supports HDMI* 1.4, and the Max Resolution you can achieve is 3840x2160@30Hz. The processor also supports DisplayPort* and the Max Resolution you can use is 3840x2160@60Hz. Due to bandwidth, the resolutions and refresh rates you can use are limited depending on the video output. For this reason, you can achieve the resolution/refresh rate desired when using DisplayPort*.

For more information, please refer to the Product Specifications site > Processor graphics

Now, Intel® Graphics drivers support 10-bit color since Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation). However, the driver and the OS will automatically enable 10-bit when running full screen DirectX* applications that supports it on a 10-bit capable Display. It is worth noting that it is not possible to see or modify this parameter.

In addition, our driver supports 8-bit or 12-bit color depth via HDMI*. Currently, if a 10-bit display is used, the driver will default to 8-bit with Dithering or 12-bit if supported. However, some of these features are only available when using 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors or newer platforms.

Refer to page 11 for more information.

Regarding your question about HDR, this is supported on the following platforms:

8 th Gen Intel Core Processor with Intel UHD Graphics 620 or better

7 th Gen Intel Core Processor with Intel HD Graphics 620 or better

We hope you find this information helpful.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

Community Manager

Hello SteveMadn,

Were you able to review the information provided?

If you need any further assistance, please let us know. We will be glad to assist you.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello SteveMadn, Since we have not heard back from you, we are closing the case, but if you have any additional questions, please post them on a new thread so we can further assist you with this matter.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel