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Intel UHD Graphics 630 crash with Exception thrown at 0x00007FFAE1C26493 (igc64.dll)

I am developing an OpenGL application and the crash happened at openGL function when calling glLinkProgram(m_program);

I already isolated the case and it is when interpretting a shader code,


So i have a shared code in both opengl es 2 and opengl desktop, and since OGL ES 2 does not support dynamic or variable indexing in an array, i followed the workaround to index the variable inside a loop.

It can run succesfully with my other device but when using a device with Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU, it crashes.

I attached both the vertex and fragment shader codes. You guys can go ahead and just create a simple opengl shader loader and linked them.

I mean, i can just direct index the shader when using it in Desktop but this is a driver issue that you guys should check, as a simple loop and return statement in GLSL does not work properly.


Let me know what other information you guys need.

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