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Intel graphics 4600 driver causing black screen


Hi all,


I have experienced an issue of having black screen when booting the laptop after BIOS. Here are some details for my laptop

Laptop series: Satellite P50T-B series (Toshiba)

CPU: Intel I7-4710HQ

Graphics: Intel HD 4600 / AMD R9 M265X

Windows: windows 10 (newly installed)


Issue: My laptop continued with black screen after BIOS and the Dynabook symbol


Solution tried:

1) Reinstall windows

Reinstall windows allowing me to have a normal computer performance for the first few days. At some point, the issue existed. Not sure if it is due to some of the window updates or drivers installation / update


2) Uninstall and reinstall intel graphics driver

I successfully boot the windows into safe mode. In the device manager, I have tried to uninstall the Intel graphics driver and install the latest version. However, same issue exists.


3) Disable and enable intel graphics driver

I have also tried to disable the intel graphics driver and boot the windows normally, which leaded to successful login. However, after enable it again, the laptop monitor immediately going black. The system itself is still running as I can hear system sounds. 


4) Other solutions

Other solutions such as changing the power options => Intel graphics setting => to Maximum performance  would not help on this issue as well.

My guess on the issue would be enabling intel graphics caused a crash on other drivers which controlled the laptop monitor display. Connecting to external monitor would not solve this issue. Also I heard the "unplug USB" system sound when enabling the Intel graphics. But I cannot identify the issue as the monitor turned black.

My another Toshiba laptop (different spec) has the same issue as well. 

I have no idea on how to identify the issue now, please advice what I can do at this stage.





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When on a system with hybrid graphics, you should be running the drivers provided by your laptop vendor. There may be customizations that they have implemented to support this hybrid graphics architecture.




Exactly the same problem here. Whenever I try to install the AMD graphics card driver, it freezes the windows at 70% and I need to force the shutdown, by pressing the power button. 

I believe this issue came up with the lastest intel graphics card driver from Nov/2020. Do you ever tried to install an old version of Intel Graphics card?


Thank you