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Iris plus 655 10bit 4.2.0 problem after update


So setup is as follows I have LG Oled C7 hooked to Yamaha RX-A2050 and intel nuc connected to the Yamaha. Everything worked fine I before the latest Intel Graphics Command center update after it when I switch to HDR in the display properties says its 8bit with dithering and its RGB which is bad for HDR content. If I tried changing color depth but I don't have 10 bit it's only 8 and 12bit if I try to 12 it says invalid format on my tv. If I try to change it to 4:2:0 I get no signal. If I connect the hdmi cable from the Nuc directly to the LG TV I can then choose 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 with 12 bit (still no 10bit) but then the audio through the ARC port gets delayed from the picture and no tv setting in audio settings helps. I've tried installing older display drivers and I found some older version of graphics command center but it's still the same . I don't know if it driver update or some feature update of windows that messed my setup but It's very annoying . I am open to all solutions.

Win 10 Pro Latest version.

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