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Iris xe underperforming while gaming

Recently I started having issues with Intel Iris Xe performance. To be exact, I experience often stuttering while playing Valorant and CS2, and FPS tends to drop from around 70 to below 20-15 several times a game, averaging around 50fps with less than 10fps 1%low. It also makes no difference whether I run the game on Very low, Medium or even High settings, the FPS changes insignificantly, yet the problems remain. Also worth noting that I was able to play valorant at around 80FPS on high settings a few months ago, with no noticeable drops. The system in question is an Dell vostro 3520, with the following specs:  i5-1235u, 16GB RAM (16x1)  256B SSD, Intel Iris Xe.  In addition, I couldn't identify any bottlenecks myself. CPU and RAM usage are usually below 60% when I play, and GPU usage hovers around 35-60% which is really strange (also, the gpu clock doesn't even exceed 600mhz). I ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic tool, and the Dell Diagnostic via Support Assist and there was no difference. I also performed a clean Windows 11 Pro installation a few days ago, updated the drivers (both from Intel's website and Dell's website) but the issue remained. I even tried to roll back old drivers, but it only has gotten worse. Also, the power mode is set to Best performance.  Please help
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Thank you for posting in the communities. We'd like to ask a couple of questions as well as log files for us to check on the system as well as to better understand what has already been taken as necessary steps and the issue itself.

  • Aside from CS2 and Valorant, are there other games experiencing the issue?
  • When did the issue occur? We can try to backtrack any updates from the game or driver.
  • You may list other troubleshooting that you have taken that were not included on your post.
  • Is the issue occurring in Valorant during Mouse movements, animations (Graphics Intensive Activity), or while idling?
  • Can you share us a screenshot of your game settings?
  • Can you confirm if the following are the exact versions you have already tested?

We'd like to request a System Support Utility Log file so we can see the system configuration as well. 

Best regards,

Francis Ryan P.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hi yosriiii,

I am just looking for an update regarding the information we requested. Kindly please let me know about this information so we can identify the next steps that need to be taken to solve this issue.


We will wait for your reply.

Best regards,

Jeanette C.

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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Hello yosriiii, 

I have not heard back from you so I will close this inquiry now. If you need further assistance, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

Best regards,

Norman S.

Intel Customer Support Engineer

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