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Issues with Discontinued product. HD Graphics 2000


Im running Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 and Dota 2, from valve. But both of them are not working anymore, and mostly for 2 reasons, Dota 2 and Adobe work only with the Directx11 and not the 12 version. But since my graphic card isnt supported anymore, i cant comeback to the earlier setup or get a newer version. 

Im wondering what would be solution here, can i come back to a windows version, that supports the directx 11 (Windows 10 currently)  or my only option is to upgrade the graphic card?

Thank you for your attention!

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upgrade the graphic card


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Al is correct (if a bit terse). There really is no solution here; Intel HD Graphics 2000 - and all other 2nd gen processors - are simply not supported by Intel with Windows 10 and, as you have seen, the Microsoft compatibility driver is very limited in what it can support. The only solution I see - and only for desktop designs - is to add a graphics card to the system. If you are going to go this route, I recommend that you look for an older NVIDIA card. I have had no luck getting AMD graphics cards to work in these older systems. I am successfully using an MSI version of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 ti card in my desktop system that has 2nd gen Core i7-2600 processor in it.

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Hello @N3P0

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. We hope that the assistance provided by the community has been helpful.

Also, we would like to inform you that due to the Intel® HD Graphics 2000 has been discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request.

You can verify this product's discontinuance status at the following links:

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

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