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Jocelyn, seems stutter issue is still on going.

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sorry about continue this thread again.


i'd test this issue again for sure, but seems same micro stutter issue is still on-going.


my test setting is like this.


1. Intel UHD770 iGPU inside i7 13700K 32*2 6400 DDR5+ Nvidia GeForce 3070 dGPU,

but connect DP cable from nvidia dGPU's DP 1.4 port to LG 27GP95R as 4k@144hz in DSC mode, not the intel iGPU side output port.


2. turn all the Graphics option(as default) from Windows 11 display - graphics setting tab,

HW accelation GPU queue on / adpative refresh rate sync on / game optimize for window mode on / AutoHDR on


3. manually add MS Edge(that base chromium), Discord(that using Proton base on chromium), Firefox(Gecko base) apps on Microsoft's Windows 11 Graphic device select option menu.

(Edge need a Manually Process quit and excute for apply changes, Discord need to add both  % VersionNumbers % /Discord.exe and Update.exe unless it doesn't applied settings, Firefox is just okay to turn off and on)


4. Windows's task manager's performance tab - both GPU tab - check GPU memory value changes when turn on/off those apps,

to check each apps are running on intel iGPU or not twice third times.


5. turn heavy 3d game on Nvidia dGPU to load it,

(for sure, i'd select game which can manually set gpu device in-game, in this case, tried UWP version of Gears Tactics from xbox app trough Gamepass)

then check those 3 applications run on intel iGPU to type a text in text boxes, try up and down mouse wheel to check stutter


as you can see in attached files, text cursor that flickering timing is 'not regular' and if you're scroll page or type text or just open new webpage, everything feels heavy loaded slow state, stutter straight periodically.


in discord, all the messages tab in 'only text' are somehow looks no issue in this, but if theres any single picture or video is in messages tab, then exact same issue happening.


on edge, even i test in 'blank tab edge search page' that only had a single background picture, but stutter quite heavy.


i'm write this post in firefox right now, seems issue is exact same but feels much worse that issue makes almost struggle to just write texts.


im not much pro at change condition and check differency kind debugging

but i feels quite many things are suspicious on produce this issue.


maybe just typical windows struggle on scheduling when running heavy app?,

or WDDM or kind of adpative sync related struggling?,

or windows's dividing in iGPU/dGPU functions are not much complete state?,

or somekind Intel DVMT's flexible change code's malfunction? maybe it try to pre-allocate too large size memory or it miss recorgnize with dGPU's vram sizes kind?,

(my intel iGPU's setting in mobo are all default so seems not)

or Share Video Memory somehow keep load/unload to make unnecessary bottleneck?,

(i'm always set vram usage under 8GB dGPU and not using Swapspace/virtual memory except system manage in windows drive so not much possible on this i guess)

or just all the browser and webapp's renderer is bad and low performance from the first?


i'm fairly guess this issue isn't much motherboard vendor or application dev's issue.

also quite low chance on intel side, i think root of cause are fairly microsoft windows issue.

in my case, it's desktop that doesn't much need to manually set apps run on intel iGPU (you can just run all on dGPU),

but this issue are, and will quite common to laptop users that have to save power consumation.

and not sure exact same issue or not but search some users struggle simmilar issue on AMD iGPU + various vendor dGPU sides.

at least in current all updated version enviorments, stutter issue on play video decode is much less then 5 months ago, but there's still stuttering is quite noticable.


only i'm assuming enviorment diffirency with other users are high refresh rate display with Standard Adaptive sync. or DSC related issue?

(that quite common in laptop nowdays, maybe product QA team need to test HWs over 60hz displays from now on?)


anyway it's all i can test in this state(unless intel SSU fix the installer issue to use it and report my system info for more further debugging)

please check the video and picture attached in this post and hope this issue is tracked that other users doesn't hurt from this issues anymore.


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Hello hong620,  

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I understand you are facing a stuttering issue once again with several apps and browsers. 

Based on your post, looks like you are connecting your monitor to the Nvidia card so the image is coming from DGPU and you just check this with the motherboard and GPU manufacturer.

However, I am interested to know if this issue is also present with no GPU (Nvidia) installed. Does it happen while you are only using the Intel® UHD Graphics 770?

I will be waiting for your confirmation.

Best regards,  

Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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Thx for reply DeividA, i try test in connect DP cable from nvidia dGPU to Z790 Motherboard's DP port for intel CPU iGPU.


all those stutter issue isn't happen in those state.

even try to run multiful 8k video to try reproduce hard, UHD770 ultra smooth at everything then expect.


i wasn't done test with totally out the dGPU card state, but just change from dGPU port to iGPU port when card inseted, show those result so.. seems no need to test on those so far.


but for sure about someone discuss this issue with Microsoft or nvidia,

no one Multiful GPU users won't using like this(just plug mobo when you got graphic card), not cause of less then 1% performance lost from output route,

cause of Standard AdaptiveSync and G-Sync kind sync support from display side.


anyway as far as i'd heard since windows vista introduce WDDM and DWM in they're windows,

i'd heard windows 7 and early build of Windows 10 just processing those in CPU(not GPU), from Modern Windows 10/11 introduce totally separated process on each application handle each GPU (mostly introduced for laptop)


but as this issue show us seems those solution is not perfect yet cause Display output port is still separate depends on Mobo/dGPU manufactors. (and +Sync method from driver sides)


1. this might be just a Microsoft's DWM got performance issue to handle 4k@144hz? or bottleneck issue to process those in my CPU?

13700k's IPC is quite high and fast, and Dualchannel DDR5-6400 won't be much issue on capability on them either turn on or off VT-D.

and northbridge is packed in CPU longtime ago and PCI-Ex 4.0 is fair enough.. either won't be a bus bandwidth issue so.. guess it's not.


2. might be Microsoft's CASO related changes affect this issue?

i'm not a laptop but not like optimus MUX and other some complicate things days laptop, modern laptop and desktop mobo almost same at multiGPU output in those layers.

and this issue happen either Desktop or Laptop users so..

we can't sure the CASO's fault or not yet so.. i think this issue also have to confirm from microsoft side during investigate.


3. my 27GP95R support both Standard AdaptiveSync(as part of HDMI/DP standard) and G-Sync Competible.

and windows 11 got option on AdaptiveSync Option(not sure it automatly select multiful Sync Method tech in market or just work as Standard AdaptiveSync)

and Nvidia support both G-Sync and G-Sync Competible from Driver side (not sure just products name table in whitelist to support Standard Adaptive Sync under G-Sync Competible or separated method)


so there's quite much layers to handle those in multiful vendor with multiful sync techs in windows 11 and vendor's drivers.


in my poor theory at this point,

A. my nvidia dGPU and LG display's both ports synced in G-Sync Competible mode just right when applications run on dGPU either DP or HDMI.

B. and my intel iGPU and LG display's both ports synced in Standard Adaptive mode just right when applications run on iGPU either DP or HDMI.


at this point,

C. when run application from intel iGPU on Physically A state, stutter cause by (maybe) sync issue.

D. when run application from nvidia dGPU on physically B state, as expected it just has minimum performance loss issue but honestly i'm not test this deep, but seems need to test this in coporations that has multiful Display models enviorment for these are work as intended.


this issue isn't actually fault or work from intel side, but i dun have any displays to test those in personal range, dun have authority to issue list on nvidia or microsoft.


at this point, i'll just leave most of them run on dGPU to workaround this issue in personal (nvidia quite tedious stingy at video memory)


but many laptop users with intel CPU product, this might be troublesome

(cause of Microsoft just force windows decide some application run on iGPU in Laptops)

if driver teams interested in this issue or that issue itself doesn't intend and not expected one,

hope discuss with microsoft for that issue won't affect bad to laptop and display manufactors.


i'm really want to help technicians more from this issue but as i'd described in my empty pocket, sorry for just end this in my side.



Hello hong620, 

Thanks for all the information provided. Based on your tests and results I recommend you to check with Nvidia and Microsoft and raise a report.

If they find an error with our hardware or software they will get in contact with us to work together on a fix. I do appreciate all your effort on this matter.

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel.  


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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so, how could i trigger them issue report there?


On Microsoft Windows Feedback Program, they check every single post as 'Checked in list' auto by just Bot, then nothing report back or comment and usually just leave bug over a years, sometimes more then 5~7 years and nothing deliver reporter to check from they're issue lists except en-us feedbacks.


On nvidia, i tried some issue report to them long time ago before they're nvidia forum totally hacked all forum user account once.

so best thing i can trigger them this issue is just send some email to them?


as i'd comment previous post, honestly this issue is not my concern but most of big tech giants nowdays doesn't get much tracking issue or listing less then random guys opensource project in github.


i bet this issue also just flaged in internet dusts then keep happen in next 10 year.

anyway thx for provide support Deivid.

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