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List of error codes for IGXPIN.EXE / IGXPUN.EXE?


Hi there - apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this request on, but I was directed here by a few of your colleagues on other forums.


I'm responsible for packaging and deploying various drivers as individual/standalone applications or packages via MS SCCM for my employer, and more recently have experienced a few problems where either IGXPIN.EXE or IGXPUN.EXE (as part of an Intel driver install) threw up an error in the deployment logs, and subsequently failed to deploy the driver in question. We can often get around using them altogether via DPINST.EXE, but there's an extra level of complexity in scripting an uninstaller if we use DPINST, so where possible I'd prefer to use the provided install utility from Intel (albeit silently).


So basically, I'm posting to ask if there's a list of error codes and their meanings for these two executables?


Most recently we've seen exit codes 65 and 4 from IGXPIN when installing Intel HD Graphics 520 and 620 (using confirmed correct drivers, both from Intel and OEM), but we're having difficulty troubleshooting without a reference to the meanings of those codes.


Any help would be gratefully accepted! Thanks in advance...

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