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Lot of probleme since the last 2 or 3 Intel update !

Version française en dessous !

Hey everyone ! Before everything thanks for your help and attention ...

so like said I got problem since the the last 2 or 3 Intel graphic update...

what i got as problems :

  • new driver cannot be installed because not certified by "Intel" but its been downloaded on Intel Website O_O that's weird
  • Brightness cannot be changed anymore...
  • and maybe other problems that i can't found

i must need help of some users but also from support please

thanks for everything !


Salut tout le monde! Avant tout merci pour votre aide et votre attention ...

Donc, comme dit, j'ai eu un problème depuis les dernières mise à jour graphique Intel les 2 ou 3 dernieres ...

ce que j'ai eu comme problèmes:

  • les mise a jour ne peuvent pas être installé parce que "Intel" n'a pas certifier cette mise a jour mais elle a été téléchargé à partir du site Web Intel O_O c'est bizarre
  • La luminosité ne peut plus être changée ...
  • et peut-être d'autres problèmes que je ne peux pas trouver

J'ai besoin d'aide de certains utilisateurs mais aussi des support s.v.p

Merci pour tout!

voila un diagnostique de mon système

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Community Manager

Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team, AdryS.



By checking the system report you attached, I was able to identify that you have a DELL™ system. Please bear in mind that the graphics drivers provided by Intel® are a generic version of them as a result, some errors might be seen and some features can be available for your system and some of them can not. The best drivers you can use are the ones provided by your system manufacturer since they were tested and modified specially for your machine. Please find below the link for you to get the latest drivers provided by DELL™:




Antony S.

Thanks for help !

but sems doing none ! i installed the little exe you send ! restart the computer but nothing happen still :

-Can't change brightness

-and something i did mention i dont have no more Night light and battery econemie ! (see the picture)

so thanks again maybe there is something other to do !

have good day !

Community Manager

Hello, AndryS.



Thank you very much for your reply.



Please keep in mind that these options that are not available on your system are not controlled by the Graphics controller, they are controlled by the Operating System. The Windows* update is constantly performing updates on your system. Please get in touch with Microsoft* Support so they can guide you on how to enable this options or if they are unavailable now.




Antony S.