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Missing Intel Graphics [i5 12400]


Built my pc maybe 1 month ago, I've been using my graphic's card for display. Now I'm trying to use my portable monitor that can use a USB - C for both power and video output. Then I realized my processor doesn't have the intel UHD 730 showing.



windows 10

i5 12400

asrock h670m itx mobo

rtx 3060


In the pictures below, I'm missing the intel graphics card under device manager. I've tried

(1) scanning for hardware changes

(2) adding legacy but it offers a standard microsoft version

(3) going to intel and downloaded the assistant but it doesn't offer a driver for graphics

(4) attempted to download the graphics driver from intel mainsite but then I get error code 8 saying there's no driver (picture below)


What else am I missing? Thank you in advance.


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When you use an add-on graphics card (like your nvidia), it likely disables your onboard (intel) graphics.   Check your bios video settings to see if you are allowed to have both concurrently.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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