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No 60hz display only 30hz

I have a 7th generation processor with the 4600 graphics card. My display is an RCA 4k with 60hz refresh rate. Windows won't allow me to set display above 30hz. I have purchased a different 4k HDMI cable which didn't help. I have tried a display port adapter which didn't help. Running windows 10 pro
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First of all, if your processor has Intel HD Graphics 4600, then it is a 4th gen Intel Core processor. If you have a 7th gen Intel Core processor, then you have either Intel HD Graphics 615/620/630 or Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640/650.

Now, that's just for accuracy of specification. Regardless of whether you have Intel HD Graphics 4600, Intel HD Graphics 615/620/630 or even Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640/650, the maximum that you can hope to achieve using a standard HDMI connection is 4K@30Hz. Only through the use of a direct DisplayPort connection (or a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort connection) is there any possibility of achieving 4K@60Hz. Now, just to be sure you understand what I am saying,

  1. When I say "standard HDMI connection", I am talking about a processor-to-HDMI connector motherboard configuration. In some cases (much more likely with 7th gen Intel Core processors), there may be a LSPcon chip included in the circuit that can convert from DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 and this could allow 4K@60Hz to be achieved. I don't think we are talking about one of these cases, however.
  2. When I say "direct DisplayPort connection", I am talking about a motherboard with either a processor-to-DisplayPort connector or a processor-to-Thunderbolt connector (with a Thunderbolt-to-HDMI or Thunderbolt-to-DisplayPort adapter). If you are talking about the use of an adapter to convert from a HDMI connector to a DisplayPort connector, then you will still only be able to achieve 4K@30Hz.

With any subsequent questions, please more-accurately provide the processor and the motherboard's identity/capabilities/configuration.



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