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No screen resolution 2560x1080 on my new PC



I bought a few days ago a new PC (the other one died): HP Pro SFF 400 G9, Intel Core i5-12500, 16 GB. PC had FreeDos so I installed Windows 11 home on it. I was not able to choose the screen resolution 2560X1080 and highest resolution remains 1920X1080 whatever I do. I also tried to install Windows 10 home but the same happens. I tried several things with the settings and also reinstalled a graphic card but I still can't change screen resolution to 2560X1080. I have a large screen and without this resolution, the screen is stretched and does not look natural at all. I connected my laptop to the screen and I can choose this higher resolution so I think the new PC is the problem.

Perhaps someone else has had the same issue and knows how to fix it.

Many thanks for the support


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Hello Rolf_Uster, 

Thank you for posting in the communities. Since this is an OEM (Branded Laptop) original equipment manufacturer device, please take into consideration that our support may be limited since we are not familiar with the technology, settings, customizations, custom drivers, and features that the OEM has designed and installed your system, nevertheless. To better understand your issue, may I please know your display setup ( monitor model you are using, port used ). You also mentioned about being able to use the resolution on a different monitor, did you use a different laptop on this process or is it the same HP Pro SFF 400 G9? I will be waiting for your reply. 

Ramyer M. 

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HP Pro Series 400 G9 Desktops PCs - QuickSpecs






The capabilities of a graphics port not only depend on the processor and its integrated graphics technology, but also on the components that an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM > HP in this case) chooses for the signal path from the processor to the port. HP has obviously decided to limit the HDMI port of the integrated graphics to 1920 x 1080.

If your monitor offers a DisplayPort connection, please use that.

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