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OEM Driver

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Hello, as the title say I've a question about driver for my integrated GPU, I have a brand new HP laptop, more specificly an HP 15s fq1089nl with an intel core I5 1035G1 and an Intel UHD graphic card, the first thing i've done when I got this computer was updating my driver to the most recent version at the time, but I've seen a lot of people telling that i should use only OEM driver from the manufacture of my PC, so I tried to download OEM driver from HP support website but I've found out that HP doesen't have any GPU driver avaiable for my PC ( I will post a screenshot down below) so i contacted HP support for some explanation and the technician told me to use generic driver and update only if i encounter some issue but i want to know if using generic driver in my case can damage or  in some way preclude the warranty of my computer, i use this PC mostly for playing videogame in case somebody wonder for what purpose i use this machine.


As i've mentioned before i will post down here a report for my PC, a screenshot of my current OS and a screenshot of the support page for my computer. 


Thanks in advance for everybody who respond.

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here are the file i've mentioned before, sorry i've done something wrong trying dropping them