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Powerpoint mp4 trouble with Intel Iris Xe graphics card



I have a Lenovo X1 Gen 9 with Intel Iris Xe graphics card and after extensive debugging I and my IT department determined that the trouble is coming from some incompatibility with the graphics card driver. I have ran the Intel driver and support assistant and I installed the latest driver   and I still experience the following problem:

Whenever I drag the media control bar in Powerpoint 365 for an MP4 video (H264 codec), the software freezes. I have repaired Powerpoint and the problem persisted. Whenever I disable the intel display driver and go back to Powerpoint, the problem disappears, but I lose the hardware acceleration advantage offered by your product. 


At this point, my only way with dealing with this is to disable the graphics acceleration in presentation mode, which is less than ideal. 


I have debugged this issue extensively with my IT department and they have disabled all startup services and also reinstalled the driver, yet the problem persists. 


Can you please look into this issue? It is affecting a major work productivity tool for educators and it is a pity that the driver issue is limiting functionality. 



Nabil Simaan

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ns2236, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In order for us to provide the most accurate assistance on this scenario, we just wanted to confirm a few details about your system:

Is this a new computer?

When did you purchase it?

Was Power Point MP4 working fine before on this same machine?

When did the issue start?

Did you make any recent hardware/software changes that might cause this issue?

Which Windows* version are you using?

Does the problem happen at home or in the work environment?

Please attach the SSU report so we can verify further details about the components in your platform, check all the options in the report including the one that says "3rd party software logs":

Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello ns2236, I just wanted to check if you saw the information posted previously and if you need further assistance on this matter?


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello ns2236, Since we have not heard back from you, we are closing the case, but if you have any additional questions, please post them on a new thread so we can further assist you with this matter.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician




i have exactly the same problem described by ns2236.

It appears on new computers Asus Expert B1 1500, we've got no problems on our xps (that also have an iris Xe)

We purchased them in 2021 and 2022. They are all updated windows and office

The freeze happens when we drag the media control bar on all of our 15 Asus Expert.

it started a few month ago it is very hard for us to exactly know when because it tooked time to understand how it was happening.

Before an windows and office update there was still one that was working well. We noticed that in the advanced options of powerpoint this computer was the only one to have two hardawre accelerations options. After the update, only one was left.

We use windows 10 64 bits


Please let us know if you have any solutions , those computers are used during conferences and it's big problem when they freeze ( and quality of the videos is too poor when we disable the hardawre acceleration in powerpoint)