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Problems with 'Intel Iris Xe Graphics' in some games (Crash and some problems on drivers)


Warning: I translated my problem from Portuguese to English (which you are seeing) by google translator, so forgive me if you notice any text errors; and it's my first post, so i don't know some tools of support.

My problem is related to my video card called 'Intel Iris Xe Graphics'; when I enter certain games (example: Battlefield 1, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and etc) I get an error message that says:

Aviso de driver desatualizado.png

If I click 'ok' and proceed with the game, it enters, but the mouse and keyboard don't work at any time, so I need to exit the game's full screen by clicking the Windows button and closing the taskbar or task manager.
After this report, I must warn you that the version I use ( is the most recent version provided by intel until the moment of the message (08/14/2022), the only solution I found was to use the old versions that are above the last four digits spoken, (4539 according to the error) however, these versions are very unstable, such as not entering servers in certain games reporting connection problems (remembering that my internet is stable) and drop in performance in games, so it doesn't pay to use a version that makes it impossible for me to play such a game that the performance is poorly optimized and I can't get into such games with the system reporting connection problem, which is not. Not only that, but when I played some games (example: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Battlefield 4) at times the game crashes and reports the following error:
Crash repotado pela placa de vídeo.png
After clicking 'ok', the game closes or I do the same procedure as I said above (closing out of full screen).
So I ask you guys to help me fix this problem, both for this specific situation, but to improve the performance of the graphics card I use and others use; If someone question for me something to help with this, I'm waiting for my email.

Signed: JohnDoninha

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