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Repeated driver resets and bluescreen with Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen2 HD620 on Windows 10 21H2




My laptop, a Lenovo X1 Yoga gen2 with an i7-7600U CPU / Intel® HD Graphics 620, has started to exhibit severe instability with the Intel drivers installed. I am able to use the laptop without issue if I uninstall the Intel GPU driver and instead rely on the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver.


The symptoms are frequent driver resets, ending in a blue screen due to  video_tdr_failure in igdkmd64.sys


I've tried upgrading to the latest drivers on the intel website but it has not helped.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can get by without accelerated graphics as it's mainly a work laptop used for office apps, but I'd still like to fix the issue.





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I would have guessed that a clean install (i.e. backing off to Microsoft Basic Display driver and then reinstalling the latest iGFX driver) would have generated a stable state.

At the same time, however, this *is* a laptop and Intel's guidance is to always use the iGFX driver provided by your laptop vendor. Often, the vendors will customize the iGFX driver package to support enhanced features of their laptop. Installing a driver that does not support these features can leave the system in an unstable state.

I suggest you back off to the latest driver provided by Lenovo. I would also check with them to see if they actually do (did) make modifications to the driver package. If not, then you can try some of the older version available on the Intel site and see if they are stable (this is information that Intel could use in figuring out why this is occurring).

Hope this helps,



Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately the most recent vendor supplied driver is version for Windows 10 "1709 or later". If I try to install that driver on 21H2 I get an error stating that the OS version is not supported.


Unless I disable automatic driver installation, Windows update installs a WHQL driver, version, however that displays the same instability (a driver reset every few seconds, followed by a bluescreen crash).







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Other than ensuring that you (also) have the latest BIOS update installed on this laptop, I am not sure what to suggest. As I said, you should stick with the drivers supplied by your laptop vendor. If they don't work, you should be asking your vendor for an updated - and validated - package.