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The screen turns black as soon as Intel HD Graphics 630 drivers are updated


The screen turns black as soon as Intel HD Graphics 630 drivers are updated.


All other drivers are installed and updated.



Everything works normally until the driver is being installed. During the installation process the screen goes black. The cursor does not appear and the keyboard is still lit.


Whenever i restarted the laptop, after the windows loading screen, the screen goes back to black. The solution is to enter safe mode and uninstall the HD Graphics 630 driver, therefore using the Microsoft Basic Video Adapter.


However, with this basic driver, the laptop performance drops in applications that require graphics processing, making it impractical to use in such situations.


I tried these possible solutions:

  • I tried to install several versions of the driver, which were available on the dell website itself or on the intel website, and all of them had a black screen during the installation.
  • I have also completely uninstalled the nvidia and intel drivers using DDU and tried to install hd graphics 630 drivers, but the black screen still persists.
  • Tried to update using the device manager. Same thing, screen still turns black.
  • I also tried to use an external monitor to see if there was video, the issue persists.

I already contacted dell and intell support, noboby seems to have a solution.


Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567

Windows 10 Pro version 1903

Bios version 1.10.0

Intel HD Graphics 630

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Intel Core i7-7700HQ

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Use the drivers (both intel and nvidia) that are provided by DELL for THEIR laptop.

If you still have problems, contact Dell for support with THEIR laptop.