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Three montors


I am running an older HP

Display is Intel HP Graphics 4000

Monitors are Dell P2219H 

Connected through Dell 3100

Monitors are connected to Dell 3100 through two Display Port and 1 HDMI


When connected, the two monitors connected through Display Port work, and the internal monitor on the laptop works. I cannot get the monitor connected through HDMI to work. It seems that it will support three monitors, as the laptop monitor is on when open and works as the third. 


Is there a way to use three external monitors with this setup? When connected to other computers, all three external work. 


PS, I am not terribly computer savvy, so be patient with me. 

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AFAIK, Intel HD Graphics 4000 can only support three monitors if all three are connected via DisplayPort. With one being connected via HDMI, I believe that you can only use one of the DisplayPort connectors -- but, in theory, via either DisplayPort Daisy-Chaining (which your monitors do not support) or perhaps a Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hub (like this:, you should be able to connect two monitors to one DisplayPort connector. Your third monitor would need to be connected to the second DisplayPort connector, not the HDMI connector. You will also be limited to 1080p monitors, but that's what you have anyway.

Hope this helps (and that theory and practice are the same),


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