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UHD 620 not working properly(laptop)


So, today and update came to my laptop saying that there is a new graphics update available there. It took me to the official intel site and yes, there was an update available. Now when I clicked on download now, the update was downloading as expected. But suddenly my laptop crashes and becomes totally unresponsive. A while later my screen was completely blue. My cursor showed up on the screen and I could open Task Manager but there was no fix to this at that time. I just forced to shut down it and opened it again. Ran the Support Assist tools to fix hardware issues or driver issues. None were found. Now since that incident, whenever there is a task which puts a load on the GPU, the computer hangs for a while. This is just too frequent, as any windows animation, or even chrome animations can trigger my computer to hang. I tried updating my driver but of new use. Please help. I will be listing all the specifications below. 

CPU: i3-1005g1

GPU: Intel UHD graphics for 10th gen Intel processors

Ram: 8GB

Laptop: Dell Vostro 14 3000 

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You have a laptop. This means two things: (1) you should not be using Intel Driver & Support Assistant and (2) you should only be running with the drivers provided by your vendor (Dell) or, in case of Windows Update, authorized by your vendor. Why? Because vendor customizations may exist that will be lost if you update with the generic driver releases from Intel and others.

My only suggestion is to go back to the drivers provided by Dell and see if the problem is alleviated. If it is, then you know that there is a dependency that prevents updates from being installed.



Thanks! My laptop is working much more efficiently!

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