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UHD 630 make our product HeavyM freeze when multithreaded



I am Adrien Grosjean, CTO at Digital Essence. We develop HeavyM , a video mapping software.

Our UHD Graphics 630 users reported a freeze when starting our software.
We reproduced it using the same graphics card model, driver

It seems that there is a concurrency issue in the driver : when we run the software in single threaded mode there is no problem, but when we run it as multithreaded, it freezes and the backtrace shows it is stuck in the driver :

Thread 0 (UI)


00000002`a40fa578 00007ff8`48d25209 win32u!NtGdiDdDDIPresent+0x14
00000002`a40fa580 00007fff`fa7a2a58 OPENGL32!wglUseFontBitmapsW+0x849
00000002`a40fabc0 00007fff`fa7a14e0 ig9icd64!DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions2+0xd888
00000002`a40fafe0 00007fff`fa793bf4 ig9icd64!DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions2+0xc310
00000002`a40fb0c0 00007ff8`48d24fa5 ig9icd64!DrvPresentBuffers+0x194
00000002`a40fb0f0 00007fff`fa79efc2 OPENGL32!wglUseFontBitmapsW+0x5e5
00000002`a40fb1b0 00007fff`fa876032 ig9icd64!DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions2+0x9df2
00000002`a40fb220 00007ff8`1ea92a9b ig9icd64!RegisterProcTableCallback+0x981e2
00000002`a40fb250 00007ff8`1ecb248c Qt5Gui!QOpenGLContext::swapBuffers+0x16b



Thread 22 (Projection)


00000002`a56fb448 00007fff`fa7b1d7c win32u!NtGdiDdDDISignalSynchronizationObjectFromGpu+0x14
00000002`a56fb450 00007fff`fa7a42d9 ig9icd64!DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions2+0x1cbac
00000002`a56fb6e0 00007fff`fa983515 ig9icd64!DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions2+0xf109
00000002`a56fb950 00007fff`fa807a19 ig9icd64!RegisterProcTableCallback+0x1a56c5
00000002`a56fb9d0 00007fff`fa988fb5 ig9icd64!RegisterProcTableCallback+0x29bc9
00000002`a56fbfc0 00007fff`faa5f335 ig9icd64!RegisterProcTableCallback+0x1ab165
00000002`a56fbff0 00007ff7`b1ae6501 ig9icd64!RegisterProcTableCallback+0x2814e5
00000002`a56fc050 00007ff8`1e63ac34 HeavyM_2!HM2::GLWorker::work(void)+0x351 [C:\Dev\DigitalEssence\HeavyM_GUI_develop\app\HeavyM_Graphics\src\core\glworker.cpp @ 97]



Where the line 97 of GLWorker.cpp is a glGetQueryObjectui64v call
This call is used to optimize the rendering loop sequencing and when we remove it, app freezes in other location, also in the driver, stuck in two other OpenGL calls.

You can download a demo version of the software here  to reproduce the bug.

To force single threaded mode, one has to create the "singleThreaded" registry key as shown in the image below (nb: it has to be a string with either "false" or "true" value)


I am developer myself and would enjoy being directly in contact with another fellow, like it was the case when we had issues with some AMD drivers.
Here is my email : <REMOVED> 

Let me know if you need additional info

Hope you have a great day
Looking forward to your answer

Adrien Grosjean

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Hello Adrien_Grosjean,  

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I am sorry to know that you are having issues with your Intel® UHD Graphics 630.   

In order to better assist you, please provide the following:  

1. Run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) to gather more details about the system.  

2. Provide the Report for Intel® Graphics Drivers: 

3. Can you take a short video where we can see the issue?

4. Please provide step-by-step to replicate this issue.


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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Please find the requested documents attached

NB : It is NOT an isolated issue, every customer of ours that have a UHD 630 experience it !
(we did not find any driver version that does not have the bug)

Steps to reproduce : 
1. Open the "download_link.txt" file attached to this post
2. Copy and paste the link contained in the file in an internet browser
3. Download the "" file
4. Unzip the archive
5. Run build/HeavyM 2.exe
6. A window pops up with information about the demo, click the "Start HeavyM Demo" button
7. Wait until the application freezes 


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Hello Adrien_Grosjean,  


Thank you for the information provided 


I will proceed to check the issue internally and post back soon with more details. 


Best regards, 

Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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Hello Adrien_Grosjean,  

I will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your community profile. Please reply to the email in order to provide us with the information needed to avoid exposing sensitive information in the communities.


Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hi @Adrien_Grosjean 

I would like to sincerely apologize for our delay in replying back to you. Somehow this thread went to a different tracking system and was left unattended all this time. This is an odd scenario and I already have our IT folks investigating why it happened in the first place.

I downloaded the application HeavyM (demo) and tested it with 10th gen integrated graphics found on the Core i5-1035G1 and also the Intel Arc A770 GPU and in both tests the app didn't crash for me. It would seem the combination of recent code changes from the app + latest drivers fixed the issue.

I am here for you so please let me know if you need me to re-test anything else.


Best Regards,

Ronald M.


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