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UHD Graphics 620 - 3 Displays




My configuration:

Notebook: HP Elitebook 840 G5

RAM: 16 GB

Graphic: Intel UHD 620 -

S.O.: Microsoft Wnidows 10 Enterprise


             MSI MP242 PRO

             MSI MP242 PRO

             ASUS VW247

Can i connect the three monitors?
How do you recommend to connect them?

Can I connect one via hdmi and two others via usb c adapter?


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Here are answers to your questions:

  1. Intel HD/UHD Graphics will support a maximum of three monitors. If you want to connect and independently use three external monitors , then you must have a way to disable the built-in display. Whether this is possible is a question that HP will need to answer: Does closing the laptop's lid actually disable the built-in display?
  2. Provided HP hasn't gone cheap or screwed up the implementation (the way Dell did in a whole bunch of their designs) and support for DisplayPort Alt Mode is present, you can connect two monitors via the USB-C port and one monitor via the HDMI port. I will explain how this can be done in a moment.
  3. Yes.

Ok, let's explain how you do this point by point,

  • There is a DisplayPort stream embedded in the USB-C signals.
  • DisplayPort supports a feature, called Multi-Stream Transport (MST), that allows the DisplayPort stream to be shared by two or three monitors. The monitors can be connected in what's called a 'DisplayPort Daisy-Chain' or using a MST Hub. Since the former requires DisplayPort monitors with daisy-chain ports (not so common), I usually recommend the latter.
  • You have two 1080p HDMI monitors. The good news is that the DisplayPort 1.2 stream can easily support two 1080p monitors at 60Hz. The problem is that your monitors do no support DisplayPort; we will thus need to also do a DisplayPort-to-HDMI conversion. The good news is that they build adapters that do exactly this.
  • Here is an example of the adapter that you will need, a USB-C-to-2x-HDMI MST Hub: Now, this is the cheapest one I found. I have never tried it myself. I have one of the more expensive ones which I can say works well in the Intel NUCs:

Hope this helps,


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