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Unable to Adjust Laptop Screen Brightness

Dear Sir,

I am facing a problem in trying to adjust my laptop (Acer E5-476G-50WA) screen brightness after the recent updates of Windows 10. Attached is the pop up screen when I try to update the Intel (R) UHD Graphic 620 driver as proposed by some of the users having the same problem. Kindly assist for the best solution. Thanks.

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First of all, you should only be using the graphics driver packages that are available on your vendor's (Acer's) web site. You should not be installing the generic versions from Intel's site - and not those from NVIDIA's or AMD's site either. For laptops, vendors often modify the drivers from Intel to support features like backlighting, brightness, switch between graphics engines, etc. Installing the generic driver's from Intel's site could result in these features not being available.


Ok, all that said, if you want to proceed anyway, look at the version string for the driver that you wish to install. If it has a build number of 6444 or higher, then the driver is of the new DCH type. The current installers for the new DCH drivers cannot upgrade pre-DCH driver versions. In order to install one of these new drivers, you must do the following:


  1. Download the DCH driver package and save of onto your system drive. Don't attempt to install it yet.
  2. Completely disable Internet access. If using Wired, unplug your Ethernet cable. If using Wireless, disable your wireless router (this will only be for a short time).
  3. From the Apps and Features applet, uninstall the Intel HD Graphics driver package.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Install the DCH driver package.
  6. Enable Internet access.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Install the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel app from the Microsoft App store.


You will only have to do this once. Once you have a DCH driver installed, you will be able to over-install newer DCH versions without issue.


Hope this helps,