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a770 SE driver crahses in Ubuntu 22.04LTS when under light load.



I bought a A770se a few weeks ago and just got around to installing it in my machine.

It is causing my system to freeze (with a "GPU HANG" error in logs).

It usually when opening programs or file managers. I can usually go for 5 to 10 mins then it hangs, sometimes it recovers after a couple of minutes and other times I have to restart the system.

I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with the OEM kernel (5.17.0-1019-oem) I followed the install directions exactly.

Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix B550-i Gaming (on latest bios available Version 2803, Smart Access memory "Resize bar" is enabled)

CPU : Ryzen 3700x (Stock speed)


Display : HDMI out to 1080p LG TV

As this is my only machine I have to physically swap between my old working GPU and the a770 for testing. (Each has their own OS drive).

I've not tried installing Windows on to my system yet to see if the problem persists within that OS.

Attached is the only 2 errors I've been able to see in the  kern.log. One when opening steam and the other when opening a File manager

If you need any more information (or clarification) let me know.

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