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cant install win7 in RAID1 imsm

Im having problems to install Windows7 in a computer with asus p5ld2 deluxe with 2HDD in RAID1 with imsm Does anyone knows whats the correct driver to load in Windows7 setup?

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Re: cant install win7 in RAID1 imsm

As far as I know your mainboard has an Intel ICH7R Southbridge. If I am right, you should be able to get Windows 7 installed onto your RAID without loading any driver.

Are you sure, that your RAID is "healthy", set as bootable and in the first position of the "HARD DISK BOOT PRIORITY" settings within the BIOS?

By the way: The actual official Intel RAID driver is v9.5.0.1037, the latest is v9.5.6.1001. Both are WHQL certified.

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