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consune of luck of open gl support on intel hd graphics 4000 even windows Vista (not really)

update the last intel hd graphics 4000 to ren on vista is that I , trand on 7 diffent computers. For same reasen intel does not pervared this draver.



i get the fact why windows vista is not supported on intel hd graphics 4000, i had it installed, without a problem in the most, part except, windows experience index will not work base on wddm 1.0 compliance is not thew. even modifier your code for open gl 3.3. other tune that it works.

I'm more cansune of the luck of open gl support for intel hd graphics 4000; it's open gl is 4.0. compared to intel hd graphics 4400 and above. has open gl 4.3 even as of june 5th directx 11.2. i care less about directx runtime 11.1 or 11.2 support on windows 8.1 update 2 that i also have tune vista. with mac book pro mid 2012. not even installed boot camp instead just native hardware from your site even others. will you see i have windows 8.1 update 2 32-bit, so apple does not make drivers for it.


what i relly care is atlose open gl 4.1 because it is pretty mush supported except for shading language version 4.1 even the open gl 4.2 is the same ecope it needs, GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store father-more shading language cersion 4.2. i understand that you want people to upgrade owe, hardware, the thing people like myself running laptops can't. all i ask is open gl 4.1. even lenix and apple has it. of there could even windows could also. now i admit that open gl 4.1, from apple or lenix, can not be use for heavy gaming, only for basic software. intel if you haven't added support for this resan. you could shy that we added open gl 4.1 for user's feedback and might or might not work for you, because of the incastine by defart it is 4.0. thick from Wright Micah


update 2: the windows experience index does work on this even supports open cl 1.1 not 1.2. I did trend 1.2 and had kernel panics however it does work on the cpu only. not used for gaming. Or gue support. I got to won on vista. by really changing the graphics outline.

for users on vista I advised only works on 32-bit. so wow plase someone tell what is it no intel dravers for vista but there had. I thack.

even the fact of luck of open gl support.


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