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hi how to make no man sky fps higher and other games to


i have a acer perdator holios 300 2019 and it ran no man sky in 2019 no problem and it can play ark on epic setting i just want to no if the intel video driver are making the game run not that good becuase of the new intel video driver updat i have 2 video cards the nvidia card makes the games run better i just want some one to help me get no man sky and ark and dying light fps higher that all i would like that please it is so frustating to play a game that i just bought wouldnt be shooth there are so problem with you video driver and is there a fix that will make the games work better the intel dirver has to be installed to make the games smoother or it will studder becuase i learned if play ark without the intel video drivers it would even lounch ark ok so i need some help to get ark working better and no man sky working better and dying light working better do you have a slutsion to fix it 

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