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hp new envy x360 i7 11th gen Graphics issue


I purchased HP Envy X360 Core i7 11th Gen Laptop 13 BD0063Tu. I am unable to scan the QR Code in Whatsapp. The QR Code which appears on the screen has broken lines.

Even on normal websites the Text Boxes are not complete. There are breaks in the lines.

Have updated the Windows and Graphic Drivers. But the problem persists.

Its a brand new Laptop and of a very high config. 16 GB Ram and 512 GB SSD, needless to say Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.

I tried all resolutions and all Refresh Rates and Hertz.  I tried magnifying the screen upto 150%. Used the night mode / normal mode.



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Are you using the drivers that HP is making available or have you installed newer versions from the Intel site? You should always use the drivers provided by your laptop vendor. Using the generic drivers from Intel may result in issue like you have seen and/or custom features not working.


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I solved my problm with Firefox.

And after HP Bios install, I can see the QR code in Whatsapp complete on Chrome or Edge.


However I receved from Intel this messege with good solutions

In reference to this scenario, just to let you know, we have tested the latest Intel® Graphics driver version in a laptop in our Intel® lab and there were no issues at all as you can see in the picture below, using What's App Web, QR code is very clear:


So, at this point, based on those results, the issue seems to be very specific of your own configuration, or even it could be a defective built-in display. You can always try a clean installation of Intel® Generic Graphics driver version as well following the instructions in the link below:


If the problem persists after that, then the next thing to do will be to get in contact directly with HP to make sure that everything is up to date with the laptop, including the BIOS version, to install the Graphics driver tested and validated by them and for a physical inspection of the laptop to rule out a possible hardware problem with any of the components in the computer itself: